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A Beginners Guide To Garden Bridges

Just because you dont have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do have with l garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden areas into something quite splendid.

Garden bridges can add a touch of country or formal design to a garden. Small garden bridges are easy to find. There are many garden bridges that you can find in garden centers or home improvement centers. One of the best places to find small garden bridges may be online. There are lots of sites that have many ideas for small garden bridges.

If you are good with a hammer and nails you may even be able to make your own garden bridge. Plans are available at building stores and at online sites. You will find many choices for garden bridges at these online sites and you can also see photos of many different bridge styles.

A garden bridge can be a big benefit for your garden space. A small garden bridge will look attractive in a smaller garden and draw attention to a specific area.

You can choose the right small garden bridge if you do a little planning ahead of time. If you have a smaller garden you will want a smaller garden bridge. Look at the space you have and decide where a bridge would fit in. Consider more than one area and then choose your favorite.

There are some lovely gardens that are small in size but large in beauty because garden bridges have been added in just the right places.

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Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Loss Solutions | Hair Care

Hair loss treatments are a concern for anyone experiencing hair loss to any degree. There are a variety of options available from which to choose. These options include topical treatments, oral medications, surgery, or hair pieces. Your doctor can best assist you in finding the treatment that will best suit your needs.

Topical Treatments

Topical hair loss treatments are applied to the scalp in the form of either a shampoo or it is applied to the scalp and left on the scalp. These topical treatments are very effective but have side effects and if used improperly could cause the very problem you are trying to treat. Scarring and inflammation could occur. If anything out of the ordinary occurs, stop use and contact your physician. Many hair loss treatments are prescribed of a chemical nature.

There are natural topical treatments that may include a variety of ingredients such as vitamins including B-complex vitamins, minerals including magnesium, and herbal extracts such as Nettle Root, that are known to benefit hair loss. Natural treatments are safer because they have fewer side effects. Though natural, do not add anything to your health regimen without checking with your doctor; the reason for this is that they could affect the performance of other prescriptive medications you may be taking.

Oral Medications

Propecia is an oral medication that is used to treat male pattern baldness. It is a hair loss treatment that is meant for men only. It is most effective on the vertex (top) of the head and the anterior mid-scalp areas. There is not enough available data on the effectiveness of Propecia on receding hair lines and temple areas.

There may be sexual side effects for some men including but not limited to a decreased sex drive. Other side effects include allergic types of reactions such as itching and a rash. On a more serious level, swelling in the lips and face, breast sensitivity and pain, lumps in the breasts or discharge from your nipples is cause to immediately stop the medication and seek medical help.

Women are not to use this product nor should they come into physical contact with broken or crushed tablets. Contact with the active ingredients by women who are or may be having a baby could result in anomalies in the sex organs of male babies.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Hair transplants are done by a surgical procedure. Healthy hair follicles are taken from one area of the head and "planted" in the balding areas. It is natural hair, it is your own hair, and will grow. It is usually a permanent solution. There is some risk of skin irritation and infection. It can be a very expensive hair loss treatment.

Hair cloning is a relatively new procedure where a number of hairs are removed from your head and reproduced. The new hairs are then implanted in the balding areas of the head. There is risk here also of skin irritation and infection. The cost can be extreme as well.

Other Hair Loss Treatments

The safest and least expensive hair loss treatment is the use of wigs, hair pieces, weaves, or extensions. There is little chance of side effects. Hair pieces such as those mentioned above should not be stitched to the scalp. This can cause scarring, infection, inflammation, and more hair loss.


There are a variety of hair loss treatments including drugs, topical treatments, surgical procedures and hair pieces of all kinds. There is little to no danger with hair pieces and they are likely to be less expensive than other treatments. Any type of hair loss treatment should be checked with your doctor.

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What is Anxiety? Anxiety Disorders and Attacks


The feeling of anxiety is common to all and we have all felt it many times in the course of our lives. But when anxiety becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations, it becomes a disorder.

Find out more on Panic Disorders and Anxiety Attacks

Nearly 40 million people above the age of 18 are affected by this disorder in a given year. Anxiety disorder may be caused by a mental condition, a physical condition, the effects of drugs, or from a combination of these.

Some of the common Types of Anxiety Disorders are:


This condition is characterized by periods of intense fear or a psychological distress that lasts for about half an hour.


This condition is characterized by excessive anxiety and worry, occurring more days than not for a period of at least 6 months, about a number of events or activities. Having this disorder means always anticipating disaster, often worrying excessively about health, money, family, or work. Sometimes, though, the source of the worry is hard to pinpoint.


These are persistent, unreasonable, intense fears (phobias) of situations, circumstances, or objects giving rise to anxiety and avoidance. Phobic disorders are classified as general (agoraphobia and social phobia) or specific.

A) Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia literally means "fear of the marketplace". Therefore, people with agoraphobia are afraid of open or public places. In reality, most people with agoraphobia are actually afraid of having a panic attack in these settings, especially settings in which there will be no one to help in case of panic attack or an actual emergency.

B) Social Anxiety Disorder

The person suffering from this disorder has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. The anxiety in this case arises out of the fear of being closely watched, judged or criticized by people around you.

C) Specific Phobias

A specific phobia is fear of and anxiety about a particular situation or object. Specific phobias are the most common anxiety disorders. Among the most frequent are fear of animals zoophobia), heights (acrophobia) and thunderstorms (astraphobia or brontophobia).

i) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a type of disorder involving two elements: obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are repetitive unwanted thoughts that make you feel anxious. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors and rituals that the patient feels compelled to perform as performing them temporarily reduces the anxiety.

ii) Separation Anxiety

This form of anxiety is a normal developmental stage experienced by a child when separated from the primary caregiver. It typically manifests itself as crying and distress when the child is away from a parent or from home.


At Home:

In certain cases, it is possible to treat anxiety at home. However, these cases are limited to ones where the attack is of a short duration and where you know the reason for the attack. In such cases, stress can be relieved by practicing activities such as: Meditation, Watching TV, Deep breathing , Resting in a dark room etc.

Find out more on Natural Cures for Anxiety Disorders

Medical Treatment:

When the nature of attacks is more serious in nature then the patient has to turn to medical treatment. Medical treatment depends on the cause of the anxiety.

There are cases when the cause cannot be identified. In such cases, the only way to treat is control of symptoms.

Medication does not cure anxiety disorders, but it helps to keep them under control while the person receives psychotherapy. With proper treatment many people with anxiety disorders can lead normal, fulfilling lives.

Cathy M. Ross

About the Author: I have been having panic attacks for the past five years.

During the past five years, I have interacted with a number of people suffering from this condition,have read thousands of articles on the subject, as well as attended lots of seminars and workshops on this topic, which have hugely broadened my knowledge of this disease.

My website on Anxiety and Panic Attacks talks about how to deal with panic and anxiety attacks. It outlines the causes, symptoms and the different Natural Cures for Panic Disorders.

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Profit Lance Marketing Course Can Change Your Life

Profit Lance Marketing Course Can Change Your Life

Profit Lance is a top-grade course for making money online it's being marketed on the internet at this time. This program comprises a course of action that takes you through with the techniques from how to become an online marketer on the internet. It's an over all program that what ever you apply it will teach you the right the skills required to be capable to make money online. The Profit Lance system comprises an informative program that teaches folks many various techniques to make a respectable living when working from home. Delivering a program that provides you the skills to learned and be able to become an internet marketer is a great advantage.

This course isn't a get rich system that assures you wealth when you buy the course. Rather, it's a complete online marketing program that teaches you the a assortment of skills that are essential for you in order to be productive at making money online. It's a upstanding no-hype product, that presents actual economic value for the money, and offers material and practical methods. Profit Lance system will teach you the long term marketing skills that will assist you to become a winning marketer on the internet.

I was a bit concerned once I signed on that I'd have to dish out a lot more money for additional "recommended products" that different systems say you should purchase before you even get started. Therefore I was amazed to discover that Profit Lance offers 15 pre-hosted websites, individualized for you, to practice everything you pick up in the program. Nothing else to purchase, no tactics for them to sell you additional "material". And I was hooked by the 8 week, no questions money back guarantee. I believe for the first time I really won't be trying to get my money back, and I am looking forward to carrying on my venture in online business.

Profit Lance is an online marketing course. Do you recall how long it took you to finish the last course you took in school? I'm certain it didn't take you one day. I can guarantee it didn't take you one day. It in all probability took you a couple months to finish. There is simply too much information to take in for it to be possible to retain in one day, or even one week. What I'm attempting to say is that in order to be productive with Profit Lance, you're going to make time and effort to be successful. Consider a month or two to learn the course. Set day-to-day goals for what you what to achieve each day with the course, and don't forget to use the projects section of the course to use to practice what you have studied that day. Take small steps at the start. Acquire the skills, then let the money follow. I can guarantee if you do this, you will see results. I can't say how many times I hear folks grumbling about how they spent the whole day learning the information in Profit Lance and still haven't made any money. Well now you know why, and its up to you how you plan of attack the course.

I extremely urge this to anybody really, particularly a newcomer. I know the cost might look like a great deal. Simply this is how I looked at it. I never graduated high school and, I have no further education. My dream has always been to own my own business. How come? Because I prefer to work for myself, and I truly believe I could make this work. I want to be an affiliate marketer, its very interesting and scary, and I know I can do this you can too. I could go away to college and drop a couple of thousands on a certificate or diploma. Or I could learn from the Profit Lance course again and again and just pay a one time fee. I believe I'd love learning from his course more than going to college. If my review article doesn't quite have you satisfied then visit the link below. This is a good thing, Michael did an first-class job making this program, its well worth checking out.

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Cause of Itchy Nipple

QUESTION: What could cause an itchy nipple?

ANSWER: When a woman who has a persistently itchy nipple, it could be nothing serious, but it might also be a symptom of the breast cancer called Paget's disease. Even if there is no visible change, if you have this problem, you should have your doctor check it.
A physical examination and mammography (breast x-ray) can reveal any lumps or other causes for concern.
If you are pregnant, your doctor may choose to perform an ultrasound examination instead of mammography.
In addition, a small biopsy, performed under local anesthesia, can be done safely even if you are pregnant. These tests will determine whether the cause of your itching nipple is benign, or provide the early detection of a more serious condition, so important for effective treatment.

The material contained here is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician.
Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.

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Crappie Fishing Lures

crappie fishing lures

Crappie Fishing Lures - What To Use

If you are ready to step up your crappie fishing you will usually catch more crappie using crappie fishing lures rather then using live bait. Of course this statement is based on knowing what artificial lures to use. When you use crappie fishing lures smaller is better. Look for lures in the 1/4oz or smaller size.

List of crappie fishing lures to use:

* Curly Tail Jigs

* Marabou Jigs

* Weedless Spinners, (they have a jig attached) smallest you can find

* Willow Leaf Blades: Silver Colorado Or Gold Blades

The above listed crappie fishing lures can be bought at any department store, bait shop, or online . Most of these lures can be purchased for very little. Make sure when comparing prices you compare prices on crappie fishing lures that are in the ј oz or smaller range.

Suggested ways to use crappie fishing lures:

When Fishing Curly tail Jig crappie fishing lures Use This uniquely designed jig head with screw lock from Cabella's it takes your bait to the bottom where the big ones are. It allows you to thread a plastic lure onto the corkscrew and hook it through the tail. The innovative flat-bottom jig head helps the hook stand up at a 60° angle. Your hooked bait stands up straight off the bottom and is free I recommend you use a karlins lunker curley tail. This crappie fishing lure is a good choice to use when using a slip bobber rig.

When Fishing Marabou jig crappie fishing lures - use the 1/8oz or 1/4oz size a good way to fish this crappie fishing lure is use a slip bobber , place a split on the line so the jig falls to a set depth.

When Fishing Weedless Spinner crappie fishing lures use the 1/16oz size . Use when fishing low water visibility muddy or murky water.

When Fishing the Willow Leaf Blade crappie fishing lure - fish the lure very slow, slow if you use the 1/16oz lure the hook will bend before you loose your jig, you can use over and over again. The larger sizes work well but they break the line when snagging. Also , put a Karlins plastic Curly tail 2" length.

There are no guarantees that you will catch crappie with the crappie fishing lures shown above, but if stick with purchasing small crappie fishing lures you up your chances of catching a good batch of crappie.

Well, good luck and good fishing!

Do not forget to get your free copy of "78 Fishing discoveries Unleashed" by following my link to my website below.

About the Author: Mark Fleagle is the owner of oldfishinghole.com Mark Is a dedicated fisherman with 30+ years of experience and has published numerous articles on fishing. He offers free fishing information and "how to articles" at his websites. Visit his site at:
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Bird Sh!t on Your Face and You Have to Pay for It!-Weird & Wacky Spa Treatments

You're all set to go on your long planned, much awaited spa vacation. Maybe you're heading off to exotic Tugu or maybe adventure-filled Sydney! You've read your newsletters for deals and discounts, and consulted your forums for advice. You're totally ready!You can smell your wonderful aromatherapy candles, feel the soothing massage on you're back. Nothing strange, nothing freaky, just 100% stress-free relaxation…
Wait, wait wait!!! Hold that thought just a minute, and get yourself acquainted with these out of this world, scary, bizarre and just plain weird spa treatments! Don't sign yourself up for these if what you're after is your run of the mill spa-tastic experience. Relaxing?! Hell no! Intense is more like it!

1.Bird Sh!t all over you face AND you have to pay for it too!!! That's right! This special facial made out of Nightingale poop is supposedly an old world secret from Japan. Supposedly used by Geishas to achieve that pearly-white, smooth complexion, nightingale excrements are said to be full of yummy enzymes really good for your skin! No sh!t?! Pun definitely intended.

2.A Barbeque Wrap- You, not your lunch dummy! –You start off this tantalizing journey with a thorough peppercorn rub. Then, you move on to a total body coating of paprika, cayenne pepper and tomato sauce. This is one delicious experience you don't get to have everyday!

3. Cactus Massage- Forget the soothing hands that run across your back. The latest backrub these days involves spine-free cactus paddles and "pulque" alcohol, an extract from the agave plant, and a member of the tequila family. This will make one literal spine-tingling episode.

4.Ear-candling- Too lazy to clean your own ears? Let a candle flame do it for you! Ear-candling is an alternative medicine practice and spa treatment that claims to help in the natural cleaning of earwax and remove toxins. It is performed by lighting the end of a hollow candle, while the other end of the candle touches the ear's opening. Ear-citing!

5.Beer-pedicure- Who says beer is only good for drinking? Several spas have found out that beer enzymes actually moisturize your skin effectively, making it a good solution for a pedicure soak. Of course, it's totally up to you if you want to pair this up with a hotdog, a steak or some pretzels.

6. Fanny Facial- If you only pay attention to your face, your derriere might get depressed. Cheer it up with the fanny facial, a combination body scrub, microcurrents for pimples down there, and sunless tanning all targeted for your bum. In a much different context, but the same message anyway- Bottoms up!

7.Snake Massage- I've saved the craziest for last! Here's a scaly way to soothe out those kinks- 6 non-venomous but still hissy and slimy snakes slither across your back to caress your aching muscles and joints. People who have tried it out claim the massage is actually very effective and soothing. To each his own right? Just a word of advice, make sure those snakes don't get any ideas of crawling into dark "cave-y" holes nearby!

Happy Weekend!

About the Author: a blogger, as well as a surfer, sailor and watersports afficionado. ride life's waves with him at http://bluewaveted.wordpress.com


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Water Heaters: how to save money with your hot water tank

Water Heaters: how to save money with your hot water tank
When I was doing some research on how I can help my customers save even more money and lost resources I came across an article from Natural resources Canada titled "Better Water Use Means Bigger Savings". In particular I felt that the section on water heaters was not only informative but also showed customers how they can help conserve water (and save money in the process). Everyone wins when each individual takes it upon themselves to make small changes that can benefit generations to come. I have included the portion of that article which is available to anyone on the Natural Resources Canada website.
Water heaters
Examine your water heater – if its surface is hot or even warm, some of the energy used to heat the water is being wasted. Wrap the heater in an insulating blanket. Be sure to check your user's manual and labels on the tank first.
Some new water heaters have insulation and are highly energy efficient. Adding a blanket may not make much difference.
Shopping for a new water heater? Look for a high-efficiency unit. Some new models heat water only when you need it rather than storing hot water in a tank.
When installing a new hot water tank or designing a new home make sure that you place the unit as close as possible to the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. Heat is lost in long pipe runs. For instance, reducing a hot-water pipe from 10 to 3 metres will save enough energy in one month to heat water for 10 showers. Similarly, thin pipes are more energy efficient than thicker pipes; larger amounts of hot water are trapped in thicker pipes, and more heat is lost.
To help reduce heat loss, always insulate hot water pipes, especially where they run through unheated areas such as basements and crawl spaces. Insulate the first three metres on cold water pipes and the first two metres on hot water pipes running to and from tanks. This can save you about 2 percent on your heating bill and can reduce pipe-sweating problems in the summer. Do not place any pipe-wrap insulation within 15 cm of exhaust vents at the top of water heaters, and never insulate plastic pipes.
Many water heating tank manufacturers pre-set the temperature of the tank to 60°C (140°F). You can lower the thermostat to as low as 55°C (130°F) to save energy. Do not set it any lower, as this would risk the growth of disease-carrying bacteria such as legionella.
If you are concerned about the possibility of scalding at 55°C, a plumber can install a tempering valve that reduces the delivered water temperature while maintaining a safe temperature in your tank. Tempering valves can also be installed on individual taps where the risk is greatest to children, the infirm or elderly. A professional installer will be able to provide you with specific details about the best way to do this in your home.
Note: Some older dishwashers need to have the water at 60°C (140°F) in order to work properly. If your dishwasher doesn't have an element to boost the temperature, you may have to set the thermostat at 60°C. If you do, set the thermostat exactly at 60°C. Temperatures higher than this can shorten the life of glass-lined water heaters.
Turn down your water-heater thermostat to a minimum setting when you plan to be away for extended periods of time.
Twice a year, or monthly if you live in an area that has heavy mineral deposits in the water, empty a bucket of water from your water heater. The drain cock is usually found at the bottom of the unit. Be careful: the water in the tank is especially hot. If you can, drain the tank when the water is cold.
Never store anything on top of natural gas water heaters. Make sure that combustion air openings at the bottom of these tanks – and opening below the draft diverters at flue ducts on top – are always kept unblocked.
For additional energy-saving tips, read the user's manual for your home's water heater.

About the Author: BIO – about the author

Kay Kinder

Occupation: Freelance writer & advocate for online consumer awareness


I have been actively involved in the home improvement industry for decades and have seen many changes over the last few years especially with the big box stores bringing in new merchandise that doesn't meet our specific construction codes in Ontario. In particular some plumbing and heating products are actually illegal for licensed plumbers and gas technicians to install in Ontario. What is good for the US may not be good in our unique Canadian climate and the stricter rules of construction that apply to Ontario plumbing, heating, construction, and the overall home improvement industry.

I'm also passionate about consumer awareness as I have been ripped off enough times over the years to make anyone scream! One mistake can end up costing thousands in costly repairs later in order to get your home back up to code. I believe that if we educate consumers we arm them with the tools they need to make educated decisions while putting companies back into the business of providing reliable service not just selling any merchandise (legal or not).

I'm passionate about many things in life - family, faith, global health concerns, environmental concerns, natural healthy living, and the quality of life we leave behind for our children.


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Colic and Crying

QUESTION: My baby has colic.
I feel if I hear her cry one more time, I'll be judged an unfit mother through neglect.
I'm at my wit's end.
What can I do?

ANSWER: Let me tell you the story of one of my patients.
I think it will help, and I'll change enough details and the name to maintain her privacy. Donna came into my office a while back.
That bundle of joy in her arms was causing incredible anxiety and stress.
She and her husband were on the verge of separation, ready for divorce court.
They had both been joyous during the pregnancy, planning their new baby's whole life for the first eighteen years, including the scholarship to Harvard.
Then reality loomed its ugly head.
This new life demanded their constant and undivided attention.
Perhaps no moment in mankind's strange history on earth is as forceful as when a parent realizes that her infant is totally and completely dependent. Donna was 32 and had given up a career in advertising to stay at home with her baby.
But motherhood was a harsh taskmaster, and there were no immediate rewards in terms of paychecks and promotions.
Her visit was not a routine well baby one; Donna complained that the baby had prolonged periods of crying for no apparent reason.
During these times, she had looked for all the obvious causes.
Was the baby hungry, wet, did she want to be held? Nothing seemed to work. The onset of colic varies, but usually occurs between two to three weeks, and is marked by rhythmic attacks of screaming without known cause.
Each attack can last for several hours and can't always be distinguished from the ordinary daily periods of crying common in infancy.
Usually the distinguishing factor is the length of the attack.
So a diagnosis of colic occurs by ruling out other possibilities. Many theories have been posed as to the cause of colic: food allergy, immaturity of the G.I.
tract, progesterone deficiency, improper feeding techniques, emotional factors.
The truth is that medicine isn't quite sure and attacks the problem using many different therapies. I'm sure you, like Donna, have tried the obvious remedies.
Talk to your pediatrician about a formula change or a pharmacologic approach.
Both these methods are hit-or-miss.
And do follow these maxims: create an emotionally stable environment for your baby, never overstimulate her in the evening near bedtime.
A pacifier may help to calm her and satisfy her need for nonnutritive sucking.
Improve your feeding techniques by holding her at a 45-degree angle while sucking and taking constant breaks to burp her.
If you are bottle feeding, make sure the nipple hole is neither too big nor too small and the formula neither too hot nor cold.
If you are breast feeding, consult your physician about omitting allergenic foods from your diet.
A swing, a rocking chair, a clock, a mobile might help to calm her also. And if all else fails, remember that the baby will outgrow colic around 10-12 weeks of age, so hang in there for the duration.
Colic will never hurt your baby and it's not your fault that she has it.
Make sure that you plan periods away from your baby, either alone, with friends, or with your husband. These periods away are as important to your baby as the loving care and attention that you shower on her. Donna made it, and I am sure you will too.

The material contained here is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician.
Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.

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Help for Easy Bruising

QUESTION: I have a problem that I can't get a satisfactory answer for from any of the doctors I've seen.
It's that I bruise so very easily, even when I haven't knocked myself or fallen.
Except for being advised not to take aspirin, I have gotten no help.
Can you help me?

ANSWER: I'm not sure that my answer will please you any more than the other doctors, but I will be happy to tell you what I know about your situation. You are probably a sufferer from Purpura Simplex, the most common vascular bleeding disorder.
It represents a situation where the vessels which carry the blood are more fragile than normal and break or rupture easily.
Most often we find this condition in women, who like you complain of bruises on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms, that seemingly have no cause.
Sometimes the history may reveal that another member of the family has suffered from the same problem, but laboratory tests of the blood fail to show anything abnormal in the mechanisms that control clotting and coagulation.
There are no medications effective in controlling the condition, and because we know that aspirin and aspirin containing medications can reduce the way blood clots, many doctors advise avoiding this chemical, even in the absence of any real evidence that the bruising is caused by aspirin.
The good news is that it is not at all a serious condition, and aside from producing some unsightly bruises, will not effect your general health in any way.

The material contained here is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician.
Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.

Marketing via the internet draws potential clients from all over the globe. That's what makes the internet such a powerful money-making vessel.
Shaving is removing hair from the face or other body part with a razor. Some people do not shave the chin, this is called a goatee beard.

Give GERD The Bird

Give GERD the Bird With Proper Treatments

If you don't have GERD consider yourself blessed. Listen. Here's a mouthful - gastroesophageal reflux disease. No wonder most folks call it GERD. It's when you regurgitate food that you have already eaten. Yuck!

Anyway, it seems that a muscle on top of your stomach is falling down on the job and relaxing at the wrong time. Yes, it seems like GERD is a timing problem. That muscle is called, hold onto your hats, lower esophageal sphincter of LES. Well, it certainly is LES when it's not doing its job right. You see, LES is supposed to make your food chute (esophagus) a one-way street, but when it lets down its guard, pesky little particles of food dripping with gastric juices in the form of hydrochloric acid (Yikes!) and powerful enzymes sneak past the relaxed LES, sleeping on the job again, and creep up your food tube wreaking a path of destruction to the lining of your food chute, Holy cow! That is very painful because your food tube has no protection against gastric juices like your good old tummy.

Lucky for the poor folks that suffer from this debilitating disease that there are all kinds of treatments available to keep those pesky food gypsies from camping out on your food tube.

Treatments For GERD

Medical practitioners can tell us what is GERD and how to treat it so it is best to consult doctors before we try self-medication. There are other conditions and diseases that are similar to symptoms of what GERD is but these are not GERD at all. To find out what GERD is, it is best to ask a doctor for a diagnosis so you can start treatments as soon as possible.

There are several ways to treat GERD and these are without the use of drugs and chemical, using drugs and chemicals and surgery. What is GERD none drug treatment and how does it differ from drug treatments? When we do not use drugs to treat GERD, we use alternative medicines such as acupuncture and other herbal tonics and products that can promote proper function of the lower esophageal sphincter or to control the acid production of our stomachs.

Drug or chemical treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease entails taking medication for a long period of time in order to facilitate and mange the stomachs production of stomach acids. These drugs and chemicals range from antacids to much stronger medications in order to control stomach acid production.

Surgery to alleviate gastroesophageal reflux disease is a process where the surgeons will adjust or fix the patient's lower esophageal sphincter in order for it to function properly. Some individuals prefer surgery to long-term medication because there is less risk of side effects for surgery compare to taking medication.

So there you have it, Luckily Gastroesophageal reflux disease is not life threatening and is treatable and most symptoms can be eliminated or reduced to a tolerable level so you don't have a 5-alarm fire in your food tube any more. Hey! There is help available. Just stick with the recommendations from your doc and you will be fine. Living a healthy lifestyle will also go a long way to licking your GERD problem and you can get back to your main purpose in life and don't forget to smell the daisies along the way.

About the Author: Dr. Eagloy is a researcher/writer who has been involved with acid reflux and studied its effects for many years. Please visit for more details on how you can mitigate or avoid its painful symptoms. Many more articles on how to how to avoid and treat GERD can be found at his website.

For those who suffer from acne, one of the most painful things is their acne scars.
Whether you are searching for a new purse, want to locate an exceptional jacket that will go with everything, or are looking for some great luggage that will last you for a at least a few years, you will want to find leather products that you know you will be able to trust at an inexpensive price.

Cantonese Regional Cuisine

Easily the most well-known of the Chinese regional cuisines, Cantonese cuisine comes from the region around Canton in Southern China. Simple spices and a wide variety of foods used in cooking characterize Cantonese cuisine. Of all the Chinese regions, Canton (Guangdong province) has the most available food resources. Its proximity to the sea offers a veritable marine cornucopia to be added to its dishes, making possible such delicate mating as Seven Happiness, a dish that includes shrimp, scallops, fish and lobster along with chicken, beef and pork. The light, delicate sauce, quick cooking and subtle spicing allows the natural flavors to shine through rather than being overwhelmed and blending together.

The spices used in Cantonese cooking tend to be light and simple: ginger, salt, soy sauce, white pepper, spring onion and rice wine. For many who are used to the more rich, spicy and complex flavors of Hunan and Szechwan cooking, Cantonese cooking may seem bland – but the subtle blends of flavor and aroma are created by the hand of a master chef.

All Chinese cuisine takes far more into account than the flavor of a dish. Chinese cooking is a presentation of texture, color, shape and aroma with even the name of the dish contributing to its overall presentation. In true Oriental fashion, a meal is poetry, with every part of it contributing to the overall effect. Chinese courtesy demands that a guest be treated with honor, and to present a guest with anything less than perfection is the height of rudeness.

As an honor to guests, freshness is one of the ultimate 'ingredients' in Cantonese regional cooking. In many restaurants, guests can choose their meal from a seafood tank in the dining room. It's not unusual for a patron to be brought a live fish or crab at the table as proof of the freshness of the meal about to be prepared. Vegetables are likewise fresh, crisp and sweet, and the quick cooking methods preserve each flavor separately to play against the others.

Light sauces with subtle seasonings bring out the natural sweetness of seafood – but the Cantonese chef will only use the very freshest seafood in those dishes. For 'stale' seafood, Cantonese cuisine offers thick, spicy sauces meant to mask the characteristic odor of fish. Pungent/sweet dishes like sweet and sour butterfly shrimp might be served this way.

There are few Cantonese desserts that are indigenous to the region, though many restaurants serve a mango based pudding or tapioca. Most meals are served with plain boiled rice, and accompanied by either tea or rice wine.

Wherever in the world you are, you're likely to find restaurants that serve Cantonese cuisine. It has been carried across the world by emigrants from the Quangdong province, and its light, delicate flavors are easy on the Western palate. To truly appreciate it though, takes more than the taste buds. Cantonese cuisine is a treat for the eyes and the nose as much as for the mouth. Appreciate it.

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Endoscopy has opened an entirely new view of the sinuses by taking light around awkward angles and illuminating the dark air spaces within the skull. These interior views can be seen by the physician and projected on a monitor screen as well.
Aromatherapy jewelry is a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils wherever you go.Aromatherapy jewelry has been around for quite some time; various cultures, such as Native Americans and some individuals in Hispanic countries have worn aromatherapy jewelry for years in order to provide total fragrance for the body.Aromatherapy jewelry worn on the body all day needs to be refilled often, and you can use oils like tangerine oil, which helps to awaken the senses and relieve muscle pain, or more traditional oils such as spearmint or peppermint, which can relax the stomach muscles and aid in indigestion. Other great oils to use in your armoatherapy jewelry include cinnamon oil, which is good for circulation and bergamot oil, which can give you energy throughout the day and improve your mood.

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Replica Handbag - A Way For You To Look Fashionable Without Breaking The Bank

If you looking to purchase a designer handbag but don't quite have the money to spend a few hundred dollars on a purse, you can buy a replica handbag at a number of places both over the internet and in your area. Also, while you will be able to carry a bag that is pretty close to the real thing, there are a some drawbacks, so you will need to be mindful of these prior to you going bargain hunting.

Initially, bear in mind that your replica handbag will not survive as long as the actual thing, so you have to take additional care of what you buy. These bags are not constructed of the same quality materials as their expensive counterpart handbags, so the possibility exists that handles may break, or the threading on the bags might become worn after a while. These bags are also not constructed out of real leather in the majority of cases, so do your best not to carry your replica handbag in bad weather conditions so that you won't ruin it.

Many Benefits

On the up side, you can buy more than one bag if you're shopping for a replica, since the these alternate bags will be less expensive. What this means is that you can change up your appearance a few times with the replicas, when you would likely only be able to buy one authentic purse at any given time. But, if you do not wish anybody to recognize that your bag is a fake, do your best not to buy your bags in too many eccentric colors.

You should also make certain that you keep up with the current designs for the current season from your favorite designer, so that you will know which replica handbag is most befitting for the season. In this way, you can remain on top of current fashion trends without spending too much of your hard earned money. You also have to make certain that the place you are purchasing the bags from is a legal retail outlet, and that the designs are somewhat different from the original for obvious legal reasons.

Additional Resources

If you want to shop around for a replica handbag on the internet, you can visit online destinations such as Replicasworld, where you will discover quite a selection of replicated purses and fashion accessories at prices affordable to you; there are even Rolex replicas as well as great looking jewelry on the website that you will wish to take a look at while you're shopping around for purses.

If you shop at on the internet auctions and stores like the ones on Ebay, or at Shopzilla, you might not have to buy a replica handbag. There's a chance that you can locate a bag at a low-cost price, and you can bid using the price(s) that you are most at ease with so that you will not overspend. Happy shopping!

About the Author: Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of fashion. If you would like to learn more go to Guess Handbag advice and at Balenciaga Handbag tips.

Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, is really famous as the tourism destination.
Being tired of your old kitchen or bathroom design are problems shared by many. Homeowners are remodeling their kitchen and bathroom for both better look and more functionality.


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Here are theВ 6 big bad myths of kiln-fired stained glass painting. Throw away these myths and take your stained glass painting to fantastic heights! Fasten your seat-belt and be prepared for the ride of your life.
Flirting, or any other behavior that upsets you, may be her way of telling you that something is bothering her. Some spouses flirt with other people in an effort to gain more attention from their own spouse.

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So many people choose to start this way because you are given almost everything you will need to get started. The one thing that you want to do that most people don't bother doing and then regret later is to educate yourself on how to advertise your new business on the internet.2. Selling on eBay - There are many people that have done this successfully.
Here are some of the more recent Gucci Handbags from Gucci that you should anticipate to see this season, as well as some online destinations that you can log onto to shop for the Gucci purses that you you find fashionable.Size and StylesIf you like larger bags, you might want to take a look at the Boston or Joy handbags that Gucci has available. These bags are complete with double straps for making carrying easier, and the double G logo that is part of the signature Gucci brand, or the monogram design, will furnish your bag with character.

Gucci Handbags - Ultimate Tips For You To Find The Perfect Handbag

Gucci produces some of the most discriminating fashionable items for both men and women, and Gucci handbags should be an essential accessory in any well-rounded wardrobe. Here are some of the more recent Gucci Handbags from Gucci that you should anticipate to see this season, as well as some online destinations that you can log onto to shop for the Gucci purses that you you find fashionable.

Size and Styles

If you like larger bags, you might want to take a look at the Boston or Joy handbags that Gucci has available. These bags are complete with double straps for making carrying easier, and the double G logo that is part of the signature Gucci brand, or the monogram design, will furnish your bag with character.

You are sure to be the center of attention if you stroll into a room with one of these bags, and because the bags are large, they are excellent for traveling with, or for keeping all the items you will use during a busy workday. If you wish to have a somewhat sportier look, you can buy the Joy bag with red, yellow, or green trim, and the decorated Gucci logo.

If you like metallic shades, the New Britt large tote with double straps might be one of the most ideal Gucci handbags for you. The purse comes with an interlacing G ornament in one of the corners, and bottom feet, so that your purse will stay balanced if it is placed on a flat surface. There is also a cell phone pocket and inside zipper pocket in the purse, so that you can carry small items with you without them end up getting lost.

Shopping For Handbags

You can purchase Gucci handbags from the Gucci website, or you can travel to any of the upscale department stores in your area such as Bloomingdale's, Macy's, or Neiman Marcus to locate Gucci handbags that you will love in a variety of colors and sizes. If you wish to discover discounted Gucci items, you might also wish to look into your local thrift stores and vintage shops; you might find a collector's item that will make a great topic of conversation.

If you wish to do some research online for Gucci handbags, you might wish to visit online destinations such as Handbagcrew or Zappos so that you can locate reduced priced items for the purses that you wish to have. You will also be able to see how much money you will save by purchasing over the internet, since the standard retail prices and the online prices will be posted side by side. You can also buy Gucci handbags on the internet site Ebay or Nextag so that you can bid on the purses you wish to and spend the money that you are comfortable with. You will be amazed at the great deals you will find. Happy shopping!

About the Author: Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of fashion. If you would like to learn more go to Marc Jacobs Handbags advice and at Christian Dior Handbag tips.

First, maybe you'd better think about why she is flirting with other men. Flirting, or any other behavior that upsets you, may be her way of telling you that something is bothering her.
Anxious patients who suffer from insomnia can frequently find relief by trying to establish a regular sleeping pattern and by engaging in exercise early in the day. It is important to bear in mind, however, that anxiety can vary a great deal in intensity and treatment decisions must be based on the degree of stress and disability suffered by the patient.


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So it's your dream to write novels? Be a freelance writer and make a living off of your articles? Or maybe you nurture an ambition to write and sell enough short fiction to put bread on the table, like those writers of the golden age of the pulps?Well, those are all noble dreams to have.
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Learning Tips for Students

Long ago, there was a time, when parents told children to read slowly and loudly to understand everything they read. A lot of things have changed. Today's children have bigger syllabi to learn. Now, learning experts and teachers ask students to read faster and grasp important points. Here are a few tips for students who have a lot to learn, but very little time. Make a Timetable Your timetable should have separate time for eating, playing games, exercise, reading newspaper and study materials. You should not only make a timetable, but also should stick to it. Give priority to leisure and games in the afternoon, but separate early morning time for studies. Make sure you read all the class notes before you go to bed. While allotting time to different subjects, allot more time to difficult subjects. You need only less time for the subjects that are easier for you to learn. Taking Notes Taking notes is an important part of learning. You need to take lecture notes (classroom notes) and notes from your textbook. - Go through the lessons on the day before your teacher would teach it in the class. This gives you an idea of what to expect. - Write down important ideas as bullet points. One word or a phrase is enough to include an idea. - Give prominence to important ideas by underlining them in your notes. - Leave lot of space in each face of paper. This will help you add new points later. - Organize your notes into separate files. Each subject should have a different file. Label the outer page of the file with name of the subject and your teacher. You should also neatly organize each file according to chapters and topics. - Read the notes (important points) in the night, before going to bed. Read only once. This helps you memorize the lessons clearly. - While taking notes from a book, label the name of the book and author. Also, note the page number next to your notes. It makes it easy for you to refer to the book three or six months later. Reading Techniques You need to read fast and grasp more things. Here are some pointers to fast reading. - Note the name of the book and its author in the reading log. - Take a quick look from cover to cover to identify the important chapters. - Take a quick look over the chapter, identify the important points, and note them down. - Read the lesson fast. To increase the speed of learning, pass your eyes through the top of the letters and not through the centre. For example, while reading, pass your eyes through the area where the dot above the letter i appears and not through the loop of the letter o. - Don't take notes while reading. - Don't go back to read a word or a sentence. If you don't get the idea of the subject, you can come back to the sentence after you finish reading the chapter. Never look up a dictionary while in the middle of reading a chapter. Refer dictionary only if you don't automatically understand the meaning of a word after finishing the paragraph and the chapter. - Note down the points you remember. Now check if you have taken all the important points, with another fast reading. How to increase memory Try to understand completely what you read or hear. Repeat what you hear or read in your mind. Make notes of what you learn at school or read from books. A single word can help you remember a whole idea. Give number to the points. Don't try to bring to memory all the things you have learned. Learn the technique of bringing to memory one thing at a time. How to increase concentration Mental concentration is important to memory and better learning. Stick to your reading timetable. You should separate a specific place and specific time of the day for reading. Sit erect. It increases your concentration. Don't allow disturbances like phone calls, music etc while reading. Concentrate on the lessons you read. Don't think about the next book you have to read while you are reading a book. A better way is to make an order of the books and lessons to read and arrange them in order before you start reading. Immediately after reading a paragraph, try to recall the idea from that paragraph. This helps you concentrate more on your reading. Ideal conditions for reading/learning A silent location that you don't use for sleeping, eating or leisure purposes is the most ideal condition for reading. Install a fluorescent tube light in the reading room. This helps mild light to fall evenly all over the room. Don't sit in the darkness while reading. If you use table lamp, arrange it towards your left if you are a right-hander. Arrange the papers, pencils, boards and books on the table before you start reading. Never try to read while you are tired or ill. Eat healthy food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibres. Replace fast food, pizza, burger, chocolates, ice creams, etc with fresh fruits, whole grain food items (like chapatti), milk, fruit juices, etc. Exercise daily. Swimming, cycling and jogging are good for students. Practise yoga. It increases concentration and willpower. Don't watch TV. Instead, play some games in the outdoors. While TV makes you dumb, the games make you smarter. Read lot of books. Read classic stories, fables (like Aesop fables, Panchatantra stories, etc), etc. Don't spend too much time on comic cartoons.

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Those immune globulins were simply a by-product of blood donation, since they are taken from the plasma of several human donors, concentrated and purified and contain any antibodies to diseases those donors were exposed to. Specific immune globulins with high antibody concentrations to certain diseases, such as rabies, hepatitis B, tetanus, and others, are also widely used.
Can herpes cause a brain infection? ANSWER: Yes, it can. But it is not a new disease, just a different organ attacked by the already known viruses.

RCACredit: Aid in Rebuilding Credit by Increasing Credit Score

So you had a lot of experiences in credits. At one time, you think you could handle paying the credits that you had, plus the current fixed expenses like the rentals and bills. Finally, you get yourself loosing the grip needed to sustain you financially. Everything seems to fall apart and you have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. It is the only way of escape, so it seems.

Bankruptcy can relieve you from financial obligation to creditors. Once you declared that you are bankrupt, the law will either provide a leeway for you to pay the debt in your own pace by extending your payment terms and conditions, or by relieving you of the obligation in place for another form of payment such property and equipment. This seems to be a good option though, since you indeed have no choice. But what makes it a nightmare, is that you have to carry a bad credit record for the rest of your life. It will put you to the lowest credit score which denies you from making new credits which you might need in the future. No matter how long ago it had been when you last declared bankruptcy, the record will still affect the judgment of most loan providers at present. The bad credit record will still make loan providers skeptical of your ability to pay. In effect, bankruptcy lowers credit score and you cannot enjoy the opportunity of being able to loan again. Even if you have current ability to pay for credits as you have recovered from financial loss, you are given high interest rates for your credits.

Fortunately, there is a way to increase credit score. There is a financial company devoted to help individuals in rebuilding good credit anytime when you need most – RCACredit. The said company is available through online contact and direct appointment in the US. Its financial expertise deal with boosting credit score that reaches to the lowest interest rate that you could ever have in the shortest time possible. They can also eliminate your bad credit records which deny you from making current loans or affecting judgment on your ability to pay. In effect, they can increase your chances of having good credit standing in years ahead without incurring liabilities and debts. More importantly, you can get the credits that you need at present with all the processes of making your credit records clean and increasing your credit score.

RCACredit is a legal entity operating under the Act of Equal Credit Opportunity of 1974. They have extensive measures and procedures in rebuilding credit to the benefit of the client's credit records and the ability to get the current credit needed. They also educate you on the secrets of repairing credits that you wouldn't have known alone or with credit bureaus. This goes with knowledge on how to get approved on bank loans as they make sure that you are rebuilding good credits.

As if this is not enough, you can actually read client's testimonial in their site. You would know how clients are treated and how effective their programs are. Through this, you will regain your confidence after financial loss and bankruptcy experience you have had in the past years once you contact the company. RCACredit will be your aid in rebuilding credit resulting in high credit score that you need.

About the Author: There is a financial company devoted to help individuals in rebuilding good credit anytime when you need most – RCACredit. They can also eliminate yourbad credit records which deny you from making current loans or affecting judgment on your ability to pay.

Far too many people go into a business expecting to get rich over night. There are some things you can do to speed up the process, but do not expect to go from rags to riches over night.What people do not realize is there is a lot that goes into building up an internet business.
When you apply for a loan or credit, the financial institution will first get your personal data and would need relevant background information on your financial status and credit history.


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If you are pursuing an internet business you are probably well aware of the get rich quick claim. While there are tremendous possibilities on the internet, you have to be patient.
QUESTION: I am aware of the sexual disease of herpes and know that cold sores can also come from this virus, but I have just learned of a new herpes disease. A fellow employee has just been hospitalized for a brain infection diagnosed as Herpes.

Herpes Medication Use and Dependency

QUESTION: I was recently diagnosed as having herpes and was given medication. Just how dependent will I become on this drug? Will I be taking it forever?

ANSWER: Any doctor worth his salt knows that for any drug therapy to be effective in the treatment of herpes, there must be a period on and a period off the medication; and this is how it works. A first bout with herpes demands immediate action and medication.
It is called a primary episode, meaning it is the first time you have been exposed to one of the two herpes viral strains.
You feel rotten, are in pain, and have genital lesions.
Your doctor prescribes a drug that will shorten the period of illness and hasten the drying of the lesions and sores.
At this juncture when the active phase is over, and with your physician's consent, you can now safely stop your medication. But keep it on hand in your medicine cabinet.
Herpes recurs: these frequent outbreaks are called nonprimary, because they're not the first time your body has dealt with the virus.
Your timely use of medication can stop a full-blown attack in many cases (prevent lesions from appearing at all in most cases).
If you can tell when your herpes will show itself (you might know for certain that you have bouts with herpes every four to six weeks) again take your medication before it is due to appear.
If there is some important occasion in your life business trip, honeymoon, vacation take the drug in advance as a precautionary measure to spare yourself undue embarrassment.
So the answer is no, you won't be on the drug forever, but it can be at your disposal, under your physician's guidance, to stop the severity of recurrent bouts.

The material contained here is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician.
Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.

QUESTION: What is globulin that doctors give to prevent infection? ANSWER: Globulins are proteins found in the blood stream that contain the antibodies the immune system uses to fight disease.
This way, they would evaluate your ability to pay and how well you can keep up with your dues. Such information is an important aspect for approval or disapproval of your loan or credit application.


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QUESTION: What is globulin that doctors give to prevent infection? ANSWER: Globulins are proteins found in the blood stream that contain the antibodies the immune system uses to fight disease. Immune globulins are not a recent discovery.
Immune globulins are not a recent discovery. They have been studied since the early 1900's, and have been used to prevent the spread of polio, measles, and hepatitis A.