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paulina rubio todo mi amor

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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #20

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #20
 by: Tami Close
Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #20
Do you remember the movie, Bambi? During spring time all the animals begin to notice the opposite sex and the magic of "love" takes place. The word, twitterpaited, is used to illustrate this magical phenomenon. Well guess what, I am twitterpaited!!
As you know I am divorced and have a great relationship with my ex-husband. We share stories about our dating experiences and only desire happiness for each other.
For the past eight months, I have been dating on-line and it's been a wonderful experience in practicing how to date again after twenty seven years. I am so grateful for these men who I have attracted and given me the opportunity to learn how to communicate better. Have I learned a lot? YES!!! Am I ready to write a book about my experiences? YES!!! I'll share a funny story about one man who asked me if my teeth were my own. It seems that he had gone on a date and the woman had borrowed a friend's false teeth. Pretty funny, huh? I have others to share, but I'll save those for my book.
Remember how I've written about the Law of Attraction. Recently, I met someone who is absolutely incredible. He e-mailed me on the dating service and I wrote back that I love to laugh. Thus, I told him to make me laugh and that he would be graded. Of course, I expected that he would just send these knock, knock jokes, but he blew me away with his hilarious story about high school pranks. I was rolling on the floor with laughter. Then when I met him, I felt like I was in the presence of Robin Williams; I had to hold my cheeks as they hurt from laughing so hard. It's a great feeling!
I'm sharing my story because I believe in the Laws of Attraction. Three years ago I wrote down the characteristics of the man I intended to attract--I got this idea from Tony Robbins, who is a motivational speaker. This man has all those characteristics. Each day I express gratitude for my great relationship knowing that I'm sending out that higher vibrational thought. I get to surrender this to God and leave it in His hands. I get to enjoy and live in the moment and it feels tremendous. Whatever you send out is what you will get back so why not make it positive?
I am feeling so wonderful that I want to give back to you.
For a short time I am offering discounted energy sessions and on my e-book, Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss. Go to my website at http://www.tamiclose.com to take advantage of this special offer.
What value will these energy sessions and e-book bring to you?
Spend a productive hour to discuss my integrative weight loss program, establish your goals, go over stress release techniques and then put together a daily plan for optimum success—laughing as we talk! On-going weekly support calls will be included in this as well. These calls feature others who are focused on their goals and will offer encouragement and a lot of laughter too. The e-book includes a lot of my lessons and other beneficial information—all in a condensed package.
Giving back is important to me. Be open to receive and let everything that you intend to manifest flow to you. I can't wait to talk to you on the telephone. Getting to hear your voice will be awesome!
Love and hugs,

Listen Up to Raise a Great Pup by: Jillian Gregory The cute, loveable puppies you see prancing down the street with their owners has got you thinking.
It was never then on the scale to rival long time favourite Greece, but it was large enough to get itself noticed as an attractive coming destination. Then came the various Balkan wars - one of them involving Croatia itself - and the disintegration of old Yugoslavia.

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Enjoyable Activities With Your Dog

Enjoyable Activities With Your Dog
 by: Jack Russell
A dog is more than just a pet. It is a friend one can always count on when things go wrong and no one seems to care. Having a dog for a pet is not just about feeding it and giving it a good home. It also takes maintenance to keep that dog strong and fit.
Spending time with man's best friend further deepens the relationship one has with a pet. It tells the dog that the owner loves being with it and by either playing or working together; it strengthens the communication, understanding and respect between man and animal.
There are many ways to teach a dog discipline and learn new tricks and by teaching it through games instead of the normal routine added with a little imagination, it can both be fun for the dog and the owner.
One game is called follow the leader. This activity consists of a group of owners and the dogs. By placing objects such as cones or cans on the ground and making the group go around these objects, the dog will learn to follow when it is called. Further strengthening that could be by switching who the leader is and doing the entire process all over again.
Another game is hide and seek. Children play this game with other children but by teaching the dog to stay in one place then have the dog search for the person when the dog's name is called, it teaches the dog discipline and will make the dog learn to wait until being called.
One can modify this game by a hiding a treat in a certain area and have the dog look for it. The animal will learn to use its keen sense of smell to search for things and be rewarded for it.
Waking up in the morning and taking the dog out for a jog is another good chance to spend time with the dog. This gives both the owner and pet a good exercise keeping both physically active and in shape. Dogs like to play often and by sometimes changing the game with a little twist like catching the Frisbee or fetching the stick; it not only strengthens the limbs but also involves some thinking on the part of the dog to successfully catch the object.
Spending quality time with ones dog through a variety of activities is fun. It gives the animal an opportunity to learn good manners making it easier to live with and make the owner enjoy how wonderful the experience can be.

You Have To Love The Location, Say These Owners Of Orlando Florida Villas by: David Leonhardt It has been said that in real estate there are three things that count the most: location, location and location.
Selecting Flies for Pacific Steelhead by: Cameron Larsen Popular flies for Steelhead vary greatly whether you are fishing in the Pacific region or in the Great Lakes. The fisheries have developed separately and so have the preferences anglers have for flies cast to their intended prey.

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Homemade Rollercoaster

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Get To Know Yourself

Get To Know Yourself
 by: Kimberly Fulcher
Eight Baby Steps To Knowing Your "Self"
Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What engages your passion? What brings tears of gratitude and joy to your eyes? Do you know, or have you lost yourself? In my work as a professional coach, I've helped many people rediscover themselves. The first step on the road to rediscovery involves spending time with you, which is why I liken the process to dating yourself.
When you began dating your last partner or the person you share your life with, didn't you move heaven and earth to make time for them? When you were with them, didn't you go out of your way to get to know them? What if you were to take a similar approach to rediscovering yourself? Here are some "baby steps" you can take to get reacquainted with yourself.
Writing your thoughts on paper can be profound. The process of journaling can support you in learning about what you're afraid of, what you're passionate about, and what you aspire to.
Buy yourself a beautiful notebook, and a pen you enjoy writing with. Find 20 quiet minutes in your day, and steal away to a comfortable place in your home. Begin your process by writing as if you were talking with yourself. Write about how you're feeling, what's bothering or exciting you, or the day ahead of you, or answer questions from books or personal development programs you've been reading.
Remember that your journal can be messy and illegible. It's for your eyes only, and doesn't need to be presentable. Enjoy the process of establishing a connection with you through the written word.
Meditation is not about attaining a state of emptiness while sitting in the lotus position. It's about observing yourself in the present moment. Find 10 quiet moments in your day, and sit comfortably. Your goal should be to "empty" yourself of any anxiety or worry. Focus on your breath, and allow the thoughts that enter your mind to be there. Acknowledge them, but don't focus on understanding what they mean, or solving any problems. Just allow yourself to be still.
There are numerous studies documenting the physical and emotional benefits of moving your body. Exercise can be a meditation in and of itself. If you're the type of person who has a really hard time slowing down, this may be a great way for you to begin committing to time to be with yourself.
Walking is a moving mediation. It allows you to slow down, and notice what's going on around you. If you usually move a million miles per hour, walking can allow you to focus on being fully present, while indulging in the movement you find so vital. It can provide you with an opportunity to mull over something that may be on your mind, or simply to notice the beauty and bounty of what surrounds you.
Though not a common "vehicle" to self discovery, driving can prove to be an interesting process, especially if it's difficult to find a quiet place in your home. Fill your tape or cd changer with your favorite music, and hit the road to an unknown destination. See where your "self" leads you….
Authentic Outings
A day spent wandering boutiques, a stolen hour in a bookstore, a mid-afternoon matinee, a journaling session in a coffee shop, or an afternoon being pampered at your favorite spa. These are authentic outings, and indulging in activities like these is similar to dating yourself. This is where you take time to be with you, with no purpose in mind other than sheer enjoyment.
Old Hobbies
What did you love to do when you were a small child? Did you scrapbook? Did you take dance classes, or write short stories? The authenticity of childhood interests cannot be denied. Revisit the things you used to love to do as a kid. You will be amazed at the passion within you, just waiting to be rediscovered.
New Interests
Investigate and research things you find intriguing. Do you have a friend who spends her time in ways that you envy or admire? Did you used to dream about being great at something? Did you used to wish for your family to support you in the pursuit of a special talent or interest? Give yourself the permission and the support to explore it now. Who knows where this new path could lead?
The approach you take is not important. The fact that you make the time to reconnect with yourself is. Try a little of each approach, and see what works for you. Have fun, and continually explore!
Interested in reading more, or in finding out about our programs and services? Join our FREE newsletter community at www.compasslifedesigns.com.
Written By: Kimberly Fulcher
President, Compass Life Designs
Professional Coaching and Speaking Services
This material is excerpted from "Your Life Is Your Business", written by Kimberly Fulcher. Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.
Publication authorized solely for newsletter or website use. Not for resale. Edits not authorized.

For these folks there are dog clothes. Cute sweaters, doggie tee shirts, dog booties, stylish bandanas, and precocious little hats are among the items people will purchase to adorn their dogs with style.
Strength training is the best way to cut through fat and burn through calories. There's no difference between strength training for the obese and strength training for everyone else.When we strength train, we add lean muscle mass to our body.

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Ontario man accused of mass online pranks

The Smoking Gun identified Tariq Malik as the person resposible for Pranknet.The Smoking Gun identified Tariq Malik as the person resposible for Pranknet. (The Smoking Gun)

An investigative U.S. website says an Ontario man is the leader of an online community responsible for a rash of malicious pranks in which some victims are convinced to vandalize hotel property and undress in public.

The Smoking Gun website said in a report that a 25-year-old Windsor man was the brains behind Pranknet, an "online chat room" whose members make prank phone calls that were broadcast live on the internet.

The Smoking Gun вЂ" typically known for posting elusive, sometimes racy, documents concerning celebrities вЂ" identified the man as Tariq Malik.

The Smoking Gun also identified William Marquis, a Toronto man, as a prominent accomplice.

CBC News tried to contact both Malik and Marquis by visiting their homes. In both cases, no one answered the door.

Pranknet linked to 60 incidents

The Smoking Gun says its reporters joined Pranknet and undertook a seven-week investigation following hoaxes that were broadcast live on the internet.

The site traced nearly 60 incidents to the Pranknet group. The managing editor of the Smoking Gun pointed to one prank as being particularly malicious.

"There's one from New Hampshire where you understand the ultimate end goal is to humiliate people вЂ" just to embarrass, humiliate them and to degrade them as much as possible for sheer entertainment," Andrew Goldberg told CBC News.

In that February incident, two female employees at a KFC outlet were told by a caller posing as a head office representative to turn on the store's fire suppression system.

The system rained down chemicals on the employees, which the prank caller said was hazardous. The caller then successfully convinced the employees to head outside and strip naked in the freezing cold in order to minimize contact with the chemicals.

In another February incident, a man in a Pennsylvania hotel is told to smash open a window in his room in order to let in fresh air to combat a purported gas leak. The man, acting on the caller's advice, also smashes a television set for fear it may spark an explosion.

The Pranknet website appears to now be down. Police from several jurisdictions are investigating separate incidents, but there is no word yet if the RCMP or FBI will begin a full-fledged Pranknet investigation.

14-year-old accused in 2 sex assaults

The face has been obscured in this frame from a surveillance video that police allege shows the suspect in a sex assault that took place in July.The face has been obscured in this frame from a surveillance video that police allege shows the suspect in a sex assault that took place in July. (New Westminster Police Service)

A 14-year-old boy is in police custody in New Westminster, B.C., in connection with a pair of sexual assaults.

Investigators are recommending the youth be charged with sexual assault, forcible confinement, and break and enter after two women were attacked in separate incidents, according to a release issued Wednesday by the New Westminster Police Service.

Police said that on July 4, a teenaged girl was followed into an apartment building elevator and sexually assaulted. The male involved fled the scene.

Investigators have obtained surveillance video from the night of the incident from the apartment building.

A media release about that incident generated a number of tips, police said.

On Wednesday, a 20-year-old female was accosted by a male who dragged her towards some bushes. Police said she fought off her attacker who fled on foot.

Officers arrested a 14-year-old boy from Surrey, B.C., in the area shortly after the attack. Due to his age, he cannot be identified.

Investigators believe he is responsible for the attacks on both women.

The youth is due to appear in New Westminster Provincial Court on Thursday.

New Westminster is located about 25 kilometres east of Vancouver.

Yankees double Blue Jays for mini sweep

The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez took a two-game sweep against the Toronto Blue Jays with a win on Wednesday night in Toronto.The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez took a two-game sweep against the Toronto Blue Jays with a win on Wednesday night in Toronto. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

Make that another come from behind win for the New York Yankees.

Trailing 3-2 in the seventh inning, the Bronx Bombers tagged the Toronto Blue Jays for four runs to take an 8-4 win on Wednesday and a sweep of the two-game series.

New York's Alfredo Aceves (7-1) scooped up the win as Blue Jays rookie Marc Rzepczynski (1-3) took the loss, giving up five runs off of six hits in six innings of work.

Aceves cleans up Mitre's mess

The two teams were tied at two going into the fifth when Adam Lind grabbed his second hit of the game by launching a second-deck shot to right field to put the Blue Jays on top. The next batter, Lyle Overbay, put the kibosh on Yankees' starter Sergio Mitre's night with a single up the middle.

That hit brought New York manager Joe Girardi out of the dugout to replace his starter with Aceves. The reliever took the ball and escorted his squad out of the inning without sustaining any more damage by forcing Vernon Wells to fly out and striking out Alex Rios, both Blue jays who notched RBI singles off of Mitre in the first inning.

One pitch removed from nearly being plunked in the head by Rzepczynski in the top of the sixth, Damon was robbed of extra bases by a running, jumping catch at the wall by Wells.

After the Toronto starter struck out Teixeira for his seventh strikeout of the night, Wells would snag another long, fly ball off the bat of Alex Rodriguez to help his pitcher retire 10 straight.

It would be the last out Rzepczynski would register.

In an almost mirror image of what happened to Mitre in the fifth, the Blue Jays starter would leave the mound in the seventh after giving up a solo shot and a hit up the middle. Nick Swisher hit a leadoff homer and Robinson Cano tagged Rzepczynski with a double to bring new addition Jeremy Roenicke to the mound with the game tied at three.

Yankees take over in the 7th

While the New York reliever cleaned up the mess left by his pitcher, Roenicke struggled as the Yankees went through their batting order. After Melky Cabrera pushed Cano to third, Matsui would get a ball to drop in shallow left to score Cano and give his team the lead.

Despite striking out Jeter, Roenicke couldn't stop the bleeding there and proceeded to walk two more batters and give up RBI singles to both Damon and Teixeira to complete the four-run inning.

Facing a 7-4 deficit, leadoff man Marco Scutaro lit up Aceves for a solo home run of his own to draw Toronto within a pair of runs.

The Yankees quickly clawed back the run and then some.

Cano, doubling for the second time in the game, scored off a sac-fly to restore the three-run cushion in the eighth and Damon would add a home run in the ninth to put the game out of reach.

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Looking for a Holiday with a Difference?

Looking for a Holiday with a Difference?
 by: Chloe Lim
Fancy holidaying somewhere unusual? How about a 7 day tornado chasing safari? Care for a camping safari across the desert? How about a night in an Igloo? Or perhaps you may want to attend a winter driving school and receive your reindeer license!
Chloe Lim goes in search of holiday spots with a difference. You will reach areas that are totally remote, stunningly beautiful, rich in history and heritage, away from mainstream tourism and not in any guide book.
For those seeking an energetic adventure, complete relaxation, a romantic interlude, or a holiday that combines all of these elements, the following holiday packages are particularly appealing. Offering inspiration for travellers, each itinerary is a complete package. The accommodations may not have satellite TV or air-conditioning - but they offer an unforgettable experience.
By way of a taster, here are just a few of the unusual holiday packages on offer...
6 Day Ayers Rock Adventure
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Commences: Perth, Western Australia and concludes Alice Springs, Northern Territory
For those adventurous travellers who wish to travel overland through Central Australia, this is the 6 day camping safari for you. This is a classic outback adventure that passes through some of the most isolated and beautiful parts of Australia. Journey by 4WD vehicle from Perth to Alice Springs, along the Gunbarrel Highway and across the Great Victoria Desert. Camp under the desert stars as you travel to one of Australia's most famous outback destinations - Ayers Rock.
This tour is designed for those who are looking for adventure and who want to experience the beauty of Central Australia whilst enjoying the reward of camping and meeting new friends.
For more information and booking details visit http://www.hotelclub.net/extra/attractions/AyersRockAdventure.htm
7 Day Tornado Chasing Tour
Duration: 7 Days / 8 Nights
Commences: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris are chasing tornadoes with clients on-board. Their approach to chasing storms is extremely personal and focused on comfort and safety. With no more than FOUR clients in each GMC Suburban, every seat is considered first class!
For more information and booking details visit http://www.hotelclub.net/extra/attractions/TornadoChasingTour.htm
A Night in an Igloo
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Commences: Ivalo, and concludes in Ivalo
A night in an igloo - what more could you ask for!
Step inside, come into the heart of snow, the warmth of its blue lap. Come alone, with someone special or with a group, there will be a soft and comfortable bed for you in one of the 15 Igloos in Saariselkä, the Heart of Lapland. A reindeer hide and a woolen rug will provide you excellent insulation against the snow and keep you warm. The padded sleeping sacks will keep you warm. Although surprisingly comfortable inside the igloos, the temperature does hover between -3 and -6 degrees Celsius!
After your night in igloo you'll feel so exhilarated you will want to take on the world!
For more information and booking details visit http://www.hotelclub.net/extra/attractions/NightInAnIgloo.htm
Lycksele to Ekorrsele
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Commences: Ekorrsele, Sweden
Be pulled along by a team of 10-14 dogs on a dogsled. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the vast expanses of this gorgeous landscape that will unfold before you. Because you are travelling so quietly, there's some great opportunities to spot elks/moose, reindeers or other Swedish wild animals. The tour takes you over lakes, through forests and frozen wetlands. The light, the colors, the fresh air and the silent are something you have to experience in person. It can't be explained in words.
All warm clothes and boots are provided and at the end of the day you can reminisce about the adventures in a hot tub before feasting on a delicious dinner - pure indulgence!
For more information and booking details visit http://www.hotelclub.net/extra/attractions/LyckseleToEkorrsele.htm
Winter Driving School in Lapland
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Commences: Rovaniemi, and concludes in Rovaniemi, Lapland
For travellers looking for something different - how about this tour?
Welcome to Rovaniemi - the capital of Finnish Lapland! Enjoy spending some time in the Arctic Circle! Learn how to drive a snowmobile on ice; braking and fending off a sudden obstacle; driving and steering; using hand brakes and how to handle the snowmobile in everyday traffic. Then, visit a reindeer farm and learn how to harness a reindeer and ride a reindeer sledge, and if you pass these tasks, you will receive your reindeer license!
For more information and booking details visit http://www.hotelclub.net/extra/attractions/WinterDrivingSchool.htm
You're just a few clicks away from finding your perfect holiday.

It is a very humbling experience but a nice feeling nevertheless. I had one of those moments.Spring time has many activities for kids.
Which do you want first? I'll give you the good news first. YOU can!! It's very simple.